Saturday, November 04, 2006

Texas Virtual Neighborhood Border Watch Program

Texas Virtual Neighborhood Border Watch Program is now available. As part of the Virtual Neighborhood Border Watch Program, the State of Texas has been testing video surveillance cameras in different environments along the 1240 miles of Texas/Mexico border using the internet to transmit the images. The last stage of the test is to stress the system by providing public access to numerous surveillance cameras.

  1. You must turn off any pop-up blockers for this site.
  2. You will be asked to update your computer with (active x) software that allows you to view the video
  3. Microsoft Internet Explorer is required to utilize this web site. Firefox is not supported.

It is interesting, if quite boring. You have 8 cameras to choose from, and a button to report suspicious activity


Dan Kauffman said...

OMG I thought of this a long time a go, Virtual Bounty Hunter, you would get to watch and report and if you caught someone you got paid,

If you just did nuisance hits to tie up the system, you got visited by suits and YOU paid. ;-)

Anonymous said...

Too bad the site doesn't actually work. I have tried three times to create and account and never got an email sent with a password. I emailed the link on the page for just such a problem three times and never got a reply. I think that 6 weeks should be long enough to setup an account.

Don Singleton said...

I got my password emailed to me. Clear your spam folder, try again, and see if the email is being called spam