Friday, November 03, 2006

Success with Adult Stem Cells

Kirsten Powers Yesterday's Honolulu Star Bulletin editorial demonstrates how effective the misleading Michael J. Fox ads actually have been:

Conservative radio commentator Rush Limbaugh accused Michael J. Fox of giving people "false hope" that stem cell research could lead to remedies for Fox and other victims of Parkinson's disease, but Penny Thomas of the Big Island knows otherwise. Thomas is the first known American to be successfully treated for Parkinson's disease with human stem cells.
Except, according to their own editorial (my bold):
The fact that therapy using adult stem cells was successful in treatment of Penny Thomas is encouraging because federal funds on such research are unrestricted.
That's right. A woman has been successfully treated for Parkinsons with adult stem cells. Which is NOT what the Michael J. Fox ads were about. They were about candidates who do not support expanding federal funding of adult stem cell research to embryonic stem cell research. The contortions the Star Bulletin editorial page takes to ignore the progress of adult stem cell research for the unknown possibilities of embryonic stem cell research are remarkable.
The liberals don't want to hear about successes with Adult Stem Cells, because they don't involve experimenting on human embryos, and just as they like aborting babies before they can be born, they like experimenting with embryos before they are even implanted.

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