Sunday, October 08, 2006

War widow fights to stay

Orlando Sentinel reported Dahianna and Jeffrey Heard often talked of their life after the war as a dream they would live together: buy a house, raise a family, travel abroad. But Jeffrey, a Casselberry contractor for a security company supporting U.S. troops in Iraq, was shot to death this spring during an ambush of his convoy near Fallujah. Now his wife, a Venezuela native raising their 1-year-old son, faces possible deportation. One reason: They hadn't been married long enough. She was three months short of the two years needed to satisfy immigration-law rules.

If illegal Mexicans can stay, by using "anchor babies" why not this poor woman. Especailly since she would be sent back to Venezuela, with Chavez spreading all of his anti-American rhetoric?
She is appealing for residency. But if that fails and she must leave, she said their son Bryan may have to grow up in her native country -- despite being a U.S. citizen. U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services officials would not discuss the case. Upon Jeffrey Heard's death, immigration officials voided her petition for a "green card," a document that would let her reside legally in this country and, eventually, seek citizenship, her attorney said. Immigration officials also have rejected her request to qualify for legalization as the widow of a U.S. citizen, citing the two-year rule.
What if she promised never to buy Citgo gasoline?
"It's an injustice," said a tearful Heard, 35. "We had our home here. We had our baby here. It's an injustice that's being committed, because my husband gave all for this country. He gave all, and now his widow and her son are treated as if they don't belong."

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PatrickMead said...

Wow. I am a believer in strict control over borders and immigration, but the rules must come with a heart attached. Three months shy of the magic two year rule? Where is equal justice under the law when others can have anchor babies and those from Cuba can merely touch dry land to qualify for residency? This is absurd. My prayers will be with this lady and her son.