Saturday, October 14, 2006

Dalai Lama says few Muslims "mischievous"

Yahoo! News reported The Dalai Lama said after meeting Pope Benedict on Friday that "a few mischievous Muslims" should not be allowed to give the Islamic faith a bad name

Shame on those mischievous little rascals
.... "Nowadays I often express that due to a few mischievous Muslims' acts we should not consider all Muslims as something bad.
I agree the Islamofascists do not represent all Muslims, but there are more than just a few behaving badly, and it is a lot worse than mischief.
That is very unfair," the Dalai Lama told a news conference organized by a Rome university hosting him for a seminar. "A few mischievous people you can find among fellows from all religions -- among Muslims and Christians and Jews and Buddhists. To generalize is not correct," he said.

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