Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Al Gore Stars In TV Ad Supporting Prop 87

nbc4.tv reported A pro-Proposition 87 commercial featuring former Vice President Al Gore -- his first television advertisement since he last ran for office -- was unveiled Monday at a Palm Springs hotel.

Looks like Gore is lonesome for the spotlight.
Prop. 87's "Energy Security" commercial "explains our dangerous dependence on oil and the impact it has on our environment and national security," according to a statement issued by Wesley Cole, chairman of ExperienceGREEN, an environmental media company based in Palm Springs. Prop. 87 aims to reduce the state's petroleum usage by 25 percent over 10 years. By taxing big oil companies, Prop. 87 would raise $4 billion to encourage the development of alternative fuels and technology over the next decade.
Increasing the cost to consumers, decreasing domestic production, increasing the importing of foreign oil, and if the government is going to direct where the $4B is spent, wasting at least $3B.
Opponents of the proposition say the oil companies would pass the cost along to consumers and that taxing California production would diminish output and increase imports.

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