Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Venezuela blames U.S.

International Herald Tribune reported Venezuelan diplomats blamed heavy-handed U.S. lobbying for their country's failure to muster enough votes to win a U.N. Security Council seat in ten rounds of voting Monday.

And I bet Guatemala may blame fierce Venezuelan lobbing for their failure to get the seat.
Venezuelan diplomat Roy Chaderton, an envoy who played a key role in lobbying on behalf of President Hugo Chavez's government, said the results were only a minor setback in a prolonged struggle against U.S. efforts to dominate international affairs. "Swimming against the current isn't easy. It can be tiring at first, but the more one swims, muscles get stronger,"
And if you try to swim too far, you may drown, no matter how strong your muscles are.
Chaderton told state television after U.S.-backed Guatemala topped Venezuela in the first four rounds of voting. "This battle will prepare us for another battle within the international community."

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