Wednesday, October 18, 2006

McCain and suicide

Radio Iowa reported Arizona Senator and probable 2008 Republican presidential candidate John McCain jokingly says he would "commit suicide" if Democrats take control of the U.S. Senate in this November's election.

McCain already committed suicide, at lease as far as his presidential aspirations are concerned, when he went against conservatives on the torture and related legislation.
McCain is in Iowa today (Wednesday), campaigning with GOP Congressmen Steve King and Tom Latham as well as Republican congressional candidate Jeff Lamberti. McCain spoke at a mid-day news conference in Des Moines, where McCain was asked what his reaction would be to a Democratic take-over of the Senate.

"I think I'd just commit suicide," McCain said, as the Republicans standing beside him burst into laughter. "I don't want to face that eventuality because I don't think it's going to happen...I think it's going to be tough, but I think we'll do o.k." A few moments later McCain turned to Congressman Latham and joked that Latham would probably commit suicide first, as polls suggest control of the House is likely to swing to Democrats in this year's election.

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Anonymous said...

" “The greatest single threat that we are facing right now to our national security is Iran,” he said. “If they get that weapon, and they have the capability to deliver it, put yourself in the position of the government of the state of Israel. This could be one of the most unsettling and difficult challenges that we have ever faced.”

Senator John McCain seems to forget that unlike Iran, North Korea likely is in possesion of at least one nuclear weapon. Moreover, North Korea is ruled by a maniac dictator that has shown previous indifference to starving his entire country."

Tell this guy no one drops one drope of ters from any one if he kill himself there are a lot like him ...