Thursday, October 26, 2006

France Prepares 50,000 Riot Police for Muslim Attacks

Politics Central As America prepares for Halloween, France is girding for a wave of attacks from Muslim youths—a reprise of the deadly French riots of last year.

At least they are now being called Muslim youths instead of just youths.
A leaked French intelligence report warns that during the first week of November, a school holiday (Nov. 1 or All Saint’s Day), Muslim riots could convulse the country.
They are going to continue to have these problems until they understand they are going to have to begin deporting the troublemakers.
On Monday, Le Figaro, the leading center-right newspaper in the country, quoted a confidential report written by the Renseignements Généraux (RG), the French equivalent of the FBI. The 17-page RG report, dated 11 October, states that the root causes of last year’s riots are still in place.
The Muslims are still there, and they are still not willing to learn French, so that they can get good jobs.
The authorities are especially concerned with All Saints Day when “many urban youths are left to their own and have more time to cause unrest.”

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