Saturday, August 26, 2006

Islam poses a threat to the West, say 53pc in poll

Telegraph reported The alleged plot to blow up transatlantic airliners and last year's terrorist attacks on London have made more people fear Islam as a religion, not merely its extremist elements, a poll for The Daily Telegraph has found. A growing number of people fear that the country faces "a Muslim problem" and more than half of the respondents to the YouGov survey said that Islam posed a threat to Western liberal democracy. That compares with less than a third after the September 11 terrorist attacks on America five years ago.

If only 53% recognize the threat, then there must be 47% of the British population that is either Muslim or has their heads stuck somewhere that the sun does not shine.
Neverdock blogged Time and time again we hear Muslim "leaders" say one thing to us non Muslims and the opposite to their Muslim brothers. Undercover ivestigations in mosques and Muslim communities show more of the same.

Recently, some of our leaders have begun to change their attitude towards Muslims. PM Blair delcared that we need to stop apologising for our stance on issues. Lord Stevens went further and said, it's a Muslim problem, they own it and they need to fix it. In this article, Kelly goes almost as far as to say multiculturalism is dead. All good words to hear but we need to hear it more often and louder. More importantly, Muslims need to hear it more often and much louder.


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