Monday, August 21, 2006

Firebrand Islamic academic

Daily Mail reported A British-based Muslim radical appeared to back suicide bombing yesterday when he claimed that dying for your beliefs was 'just'.

Dying defending your country is "Just"; dying while killing innocents is "Just Stupid", and if you expect to be rewarded for that in the afterlife, you are also "Just Stupid".
Dr Azzam Tamimi told an 8,000-strong crowd that standing up for your principles was the 'greatest act of martyrdom'. The 51-year-old was speaking at the ExpoIslamia convention in Manchester.
If you have reasonable principles, that may be true, but if your principles involve killing innocent civilians, you really have no principles.
The Palestinian-born academic - who previously boasted he would carry out a suicide bombing in Israel - also repeated his public backing for Hamas, which remains banned in the UK.
Why didn't he carry out a suicide bombing? Was it because he realized it would end up with him dead?
He said: "The greatest act of martyrdom is standing up for what is true and just. Martyrs are those who stand up and stand up in defiance of George Bush and Tony Blair. You stand up to them and you say desist. Stop this injustice. Stop this oppression."
There is a big difference from standing up and saying something, and blowing yourself up.
Dr Tamimi claimed the war on terrorism was a war on Islam. "We are Muslims in Europe, not European Muslims," he added.
Then you should be deported to a Muslim nation.


Russ S. said...

Eye opening reading to be found here. Lots of great insight from a former muslim who converted to christianity.

Don Singleton said...

That is a very interesting site. To make it easier for readers to see it, I will hotlink it here