Wednesday, August 02, 2006

Europeans don't understand reality

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WaPo reported The European Union's 25 foreign ministers called Tuesday for an immediate cessation of hostilities in southern Lebanon and expressed their "readiness" to serve in a multinational peacekeeping force there once Israel and Hezbollah agree to halt their fighting and settle their political differences.

Europe will send peacekeepers once Israel and Hezbollah settle their political differences

Let us see. In the short term, Israel would like to see 1559 enforced and Hezbollah disarmed, and Hezbollah wants to be rearmed, because they used a lot of their rockets firing on innocent Israeli cities. How does Europe suggest that be resolved?

In the long term, Israel would like to be at peace with all of its neighbors, and Hezbollah would like to see Israel destroyed, with them in control of the area. How does Europe suggest that be resolved?
The agreement increased international pressure on the United States to press Israel for a halt to its military offensive. It also complicated U.S. diplomatic efforts to quickly stand up a multinational force under the mandate of the United Nations and carrying the authority to check Hezbollah's ability to attack towns in northern Israel.

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