Sunday, July 30, 2006

Photos that damn Hezbollah

Herald Sun reported This is the picture that damns Hezbollah. It is one of several, smuggled from behind Lebanon's battle lines, showing that Hezbollah is waging war amid suburbia.

The images, obtained exclusively by the Sunday Herald Sun, show Hezbollah using high-density residential areas as launch pads for rockets and heavy-calibre weapons. Dressed in civilian clothing so they can quickly disappear, the militants carrying automatic assault rifles and ride in on trucks mounted with cannon.
Hezbollah is made up of cowards that are afraid to meet their enemy in the battlefield like real soldiers, but they hide in civilian areas, hoping that Israel will not attack, and knowing that if they do, more civilians will be killed than Hezbollah, so the world will accuse Israel of acting disproportionately. Israel only targets locations firing rockets or anti aircraft fire, while Hezbollah fires rockets into Israeli civilian areas all the time. Why don't the innocent Lebanese arm themselves, and shoot these cowards from Hezbollah before their fire against Israel draws Israeli retaliation.
The photographs, from the Christian area of Wadi Chahrour in the east of Beirut, were taken by a visiting journalist and smuggled out by a friend.

CQ blogged According to the text, the paper has another picture of a Katyusha rocket lying in a devastated residential area, hit by Israeli bombers. The Australian who took the pictures said that the neighborhood had not been targeted by the Israelis until Hezbollah set up the rocket launchers there -- and then the IDF returned fire and destroyed the residential buildings around the launcher.

When people complain about the civilian death toll in Lebanon, we need to remember why it has been as high as it has been. Lebanon and the UN allowed Hezbollah to use civilians as human shields for their rocket launchers and anti-aircraft batteries. The Israelis have little choice but to target Hezbollah's offensive assets, and that makes the collateral civilian damage the responsibility of the terrorists and their enablers.

Flopping Aces blogged They are doing what they do best, killing innocent people. Their own people this time but it obviously matters not to them since they continue to do it. They must believe Israel will back off…..hopefully they will not get their wish. This fight is for not only the survival of Israel but its another front on the war on terror.

Blue Crab blogged Why is it that I doubt I'll see these pictures in the US media?

AJStrata blogged So it is clear who targetted Israeli jets and their bombs: it was Hezbollah. We have the proof from the Australian reporting one day prior. As I said when posting the pictures of Hezbollah locating their weapons in civilian areas, this clear war crime has to be exposed. Because Hezbollah finally got what they wanted. They aimed Israeli bombs at their own people.


Anonymous said...

This is crap. First there is no way you can tell whether this is in Lebanon, or anywhere in the world. Second, this pictures could be years old, during Lebanese civilian war. Third, do these people look like they are at war and being bombed? I do not think so. Get your facts straight before you place your propaganda.

Don Singleton said...

Did they use antiaircraft guns during the Lebanese civilian war?