Saturday, August 05, 2006

Bombs on German Trains: A Middle Eastern Connection?

Spiegel reports A leak from the investigation into a pair of unexploded bombs found on trains in Germany this week has produced a strange detail -- a bag printed in Arabic.

Gee, just because you found a bag printed in Arabic, what made you think their might be a Middle Eastern connection?

Who the heck else do you think would be leaving bags of explosives on trains? Linguistic students?
German officials won't confirm anything, but the case has ignited a national debate about rail security. Two suitcase bombs discovered early this week in western German train stations may be traceable to the Middle East according to Friday reports. Both bombs -- packed in abandoned pieces of luggage and left on separate trains -- were found by officials in lost-and-found centers on Monday and Tuesday. One package allegedly contained a plastic bag printed with Arabic writing. The Süddeutsche Zeitung reported that the bag came from the Lebanese capital of Beirut,
Maybe it came from someone in that Hesbollah "political party" that Europeans are reluctant to call terrorists. Maybe if the next package blows up they will change their reluctance.
but German officials wouldn't confirm the story. "We don't give out details on the results of an ongoing investigation," said Ullrich Schultheis, a spokesman for the German Attorney General's office in Karlsruhe.

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