Monday, July 17, 2006

Sunnis Want U.S. to Remain in Iraq

NYT reported As sectarian violence soars, many Sunni Arab political and religious leaders once staunchly opposed to the American presence here are now saying they need American troops to protect them from the rampages of Shiite militias and Shiite-run government forces.

Quick, look out the windows. Did I just see a pig flying by?
The pleas from the Sunni Arab leaders have been growing in intensity since an eruption of sectarian bloodletting in February, but they have reached a new pitch in recent days as Shiite militiamen have brazenly shot dead groups of Sunni civilians in broad daylight in Baghdad and other mixed areas of central Iraq.
Fine, we will stay, but you need to help us by turning in the insurgents that are mad that Saddam is gone, and the foreign terrorists that just want to kill anyone they can find: Sunni, Shia, or American, but would prefer to attack innocent civilians since they don't shoot back.
The Sunnis also view the Americans as a “bulwark against Iranian actions here,” a senior American diplomat said. Sunni politicians have made their viewpoints known to the Americans through informal discussions in recent weeks.

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