Wednesday, July 19, 2006

GOP Unveils School Voucher Plan

WaPo reported The Bush administration and Republican legislators yesterday proposed a $100 million national plan to offer low-income students private-school vouchers to escape low-performing public schools. The plan was immediately assailed by Democrats, unions and liberal advocacy groups.

All of whom are desperate to protect the failing public education system
The proposal comes four days after the independent research arm of the Department of Education issued a report showing that public schools are performing as well as or better than private schools,
Once you jiggered the numbers to ADJUST for things, like giving public schools more points so they would score higher.
with the exception of eighth-grade reading, in which private schools excelled. The results prompted questions from foes of vouchers about why taxpayer money should go toward private schools instead of toward improving public schools.
Because we have found that sending more money to the public school system is like throwing it down a well. If the parents believe your study, they don't have to use the vouchers.

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