Tuesday, July 18, 2006

NYT to Reduce Page Size

NYT reported The New York Times is planning to reduce the size of the newspaper, making it narrower by one and a half inches....

The smaller size will reduce postage costs to mail it to their primary customers, Al Qaeda cells all over the world.
The reduction in the size of The Times will mean a loss of 5 percent of the space the paper devotes to news. If the paper only reduced the size of its pages, it would lose 11 percent of that space, but Bill Keller, the paper’s executive editor, said such a loss would be too drastic, so the paper will add pages to make up for some of the loss.

“That’s a number that I think we can live with quite comfortably,” Mr. Keller said of the 5 percent reduction, adding that the smaller news space would require tighter editing and putting some news in digest form.
But it will only be the rare good news story that is reduced to digest size. They will still devote as much space as necessary to cover any military secrets they discover.
Blue Crab blogged Keep shrinking the paper and soon it will disappear! What a great move for a news paper, cut the news. You know, the reason for your existence. It's leadership like this that helps confirm my confidence in my predictions about the Times. Once again, Keller gone by the end of summer, Pinch gone at the next stockholder's meeting.

Don Surber blogged Oh. I see. We can trust the NY Times. Am I the only one who notices this comes in advance of its quarterly earnings report today? I smell trouble for Pinch and company.

Joe Gandelman blogged These announcements by the New York Times are NOT the signs of a healthy, thriving newspaper. The Times may now have to change its logo to "All The News That Fits — Into A Smaller News Hole."

John Podhoretz blogged when you shrink your paper by 5 percent, you want to be sure you decrease the average IQ of your op-ed writers by a comparable percentage.

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Dan said...

Do you think they needed to reduce their size to help pay for legal fees? Have you seen the article from the Society of Americans for National Existence, www.saneworks.us. regarding prosecuting the New York Times? You should!