Monday, June 05, 2006

Toronto Police chief urges calm

TheStar reported Toronto police Chief Bill Blair called on Muslims and non-Muslims alike to let cooler heads prevail Sunday after 17 people were arrested in connection with what authorities say was a plan to stage a massive terrorist attack.

Cooler heads are fine, but don't stick them in the sand.
The 17 suspects who were arrested Friday, men and youths alike, were allegedly “motivated by an ideology based on politics, hatred and terrorism, and not on faith,” Blair told a gathering of Muslim leaders and concerned community members.
They have warped their faith so that it includes hatred and terrorism.
The suspects will be considered innocent until proven guilty, Blair said, who noted that any anger or fear spawned by allegations of a home-grown terrorist ring should not be directed at the Muslim community.
I agree, but I recommend that the Muslim community work to identify and report extremist groups like these 17.

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