Saturday, June 10, 2006

Iraq war foe Murtha eyes Democratic leadership

Reuters reported Rep. John Murtha, an outspoken opponent of the war in Iraq, unexpectedly announced on Friday he will run for the No. 2 leadership post in the U.S. House of Representatives if Democrats regain control of that chamber in elections this fall.

The rumor is that Pelosi urged him to do this, to prevent a moderate like Hoyer from getting the post.
"If we prevail as I hope and know we will and return to the majority this next Congress, I have decided to run for the open seat of the majority leader," Murtha, a Pennsylvanian, said in a letter sent to House Democrats.
This really shows how the extreme left wing of the Democratic party has taken over that party.
"I would appreciate your consideration and vote and look forward to speaking to you personally about my decision," Murtha said in the letter. The announcement from the decorated Marine veteran appeared to take his party and Capitol Hill by surprise. The man who holds the No. 2 position in the Democratic caucus, Minority Whip Steny Hoyer, immediately made clear he had no intention of stepping aside.

Mark Noonan blogged If the Democrats do win, then there would really be nothing more appropiate than to have a Speaker who is a left-coast liberal, and a Majority Leader who has betrayed our men and women in uniform - it would exemplify the modern Democratic Party.

We will, of course, be spared a Majority Leader Murtha - the chances of the GOP actually losing its majority to the pack of losers and traitors who make up the Democratic leadership is just about nil, but Murtha's annoucement does show how the treasonous, so-called "anti-war" left is completely taking over the Democratic Party.

Lawhawk blogged This move could potentially expose just how strong or weak the anti-war left of the Democrat party truly is. And do Democrats nationally want to head in this direction? Apparently not, as some in the caucus are quite pissed at Murtha's stunt. They are trying to unify the party so that they can win in November, and now GOPers can smear the entire party with a broad brush by latching onto Murtha's statements. Or Pete Stark, or any of the other far left anti-war types who have railed against the courageous efforts of our troops in Iraq and Afghanistan who are fighting to eliminate terrorists where they hide - not deal with them on our own soil.

Lorie Byrd blogged When I first heard that Murtha planned to run for majority leaderr, I thought it was a joke, but evidently it is for real. I can't help but wonder how much of the grandstanding he has done over the past year, both during unveiling his "cut and run" plan and declaring U.S. troops cold-blooded killers, was done more out of political posturing than conviction. I still don't think Democrats have a great chance of regaining their majority in the House, but the elections are still five months from now and in politics that is an eternity. I guess anything is possible. Is attacking the military really the best way, though, to run for majority leader? Maybe it is on the Democrat side of the aisle.

Blue Crab blogged Well, we here at Blue Crab Boulevard heartily endorse that John Murtha is, and always will be in our book, a really big number two. Which is why we suggest our readers support Diana Irey so she can send Murtha into retirement.

Brian blogged So now we know what's been behind the last several months of his "cut and run" campaign: he wants to be the House Majority Leader. First thing's first, Mr. Murtha. First, your party has to take control of the House, and I think it's a bit presumptious of you to think that's going to happen.

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