Monday, May 15, 2006

Yahoo! Answers: 10 million strong and growing

This is an interesting service I was unaware of before: Yahoo Answers

Yahoo! Search blog blogged At around 5:30 am on Sunday, May 7th, almost precisely five months since we launched, a user posted the 10 millionth answer on the service. This is a big day for us, and we’ve decided to celebrate by coming out of beta, and beginning the integration of Answers into our core search services. Do a search on Yahoo! and you’ll see how questions and answers are being surfaced within results. Every day, someone out there has a question, and someone out there knows the answer and gives it for free. Just because helping someone by sharing what you know is a reward in itself....

There is an extension where you can add Answers as an optional search repository on Firefox, and there are badges you can put on your website to indicate your participation. They even have a scoring system to indicate the level of your participation.

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