Wednesday, May 17, 2006

'The DaVinci Code' Stinks

Amy Proctor blogged Ian McKellen, homosexual activist and talented British actor, said this to NBC’s Matt Lauer during an interview with the cast of The DaVinci Code :

"I have often thought that the Bible should have a disclaimer in the front saying, ‘THIS IS FICTION’. I mean, walking on water? It takes an act of faith."
The Bible certainly is not fiction, but you are right, it does require an act of Faith.
McKellen said yesterday:
“When I put the book down I thought, ’what a load of potential codswallop’. “That’s still going on in my mind. But I’m very happy to believe that Jesus was married.” “I know that the Catholic church has problems with gay people and I thought that this was absolute truth that Jesus was not gay.”
I suspect he means proof. However I dont see how portraying Christ as married proves anything one way or the other about him being gay. There are many married gay men. What should prove that he is not gay is the fact that he is the Son of God and there are many places in the Bible where homosexuality is forbidden (Leviticus 18:22, Leviticus 20:13, 1 Corinthians 6:9, Romans 1:27, etc. )
Some reviews of The DaVinci Code at the Cannes Film Festival yesterday:
I didn’t like it very much. I thought it was almost as bad as the book. Tom Hanks was a zombie, thank goodness for Ian McKellen. It was overplayed, there was too much music and it was much too grandiose." -Peter Brunette, The Boston Globe.

"At the high point, there was laughter among the journalists. Not loud laughs, but a snicker and I think that says it all." -Gerson Da Cunha, The Times of India.

"People were confused, there was no applause, just silence. I have only read half the book, and then I got bored. It’s terrible" -Margherita Ferrandino, Italian television Rai 3.

"It was really disappointing. The dialogue was cheesy. The acting wasn’t too bad, but the film is not as good as the book." -Lina Hamchaoui, British radio IRN.

"At Cannes, one scene during the film, meant to be serious, elicited prolonged laughter from the audience, and when the credits rolled, there was no applause, only a few catcalls and hisses. Things were no better Stateside, where the film screened for critics in New York." -CNN Entertainment

"No chemistry exists between the hero and heroine, and motivation remains a troubling sore point." reviewer Kirk Honeycutt.
....That’s why the movie will be a flop. Hollywood just doesn’t get it; there are some things you don’t mess with. Jesus is one of them.
Christians will not respond to this offence like Muslims would, but I am happy to see that it may lose money.


Amy P said...

Exactly, Don. Christians won't be cutting off anyone's head or torch cities when Jesus is slandered in the name of "fiction". In fact, through misunderstanding and misrepresentation Christians get to deeply partake in a friendship with Christ, as St. Paul wrote about in Philippians (I think it's 3:1) "partaking in the fellowship of His suffering" ... Christians learn to endure.

This is simply another attempt in a LONG line of attempts to discredit Jesus. It cannot be done. It's failed for 2000 years. Nice try, Ron Howard!

Tina said...

I dont even bother. I know what I believe and nothing can change it:)