Tuesday, May 16, 2006

Free calls on Skype

Skype Blogs announced If you’re in the US or Canada, you can use SkypeOut to call any landline or mobile number in both the USA and Canada for free.

This is interesting. I have done Skype to Skype calls for free a number of times, including talking to someone in Australia and it sounded like he was next door, but Skype calls to a telephone number have cost money. This free period goes at least through the end of 2006. They are not sure what they will do then. They are probably hoping we will get used to doing it, and will then be willing to pay, but for now at least it is free. They said "Note that if you haven’t bought any Skype Credit, your Skype client may still tell you something about needing to buy some before you can use SkypeOut. Just disregard that and place your call."
If you’re in the US or Canada and calling any other country, OR if you’re in any other country and calling landline or mobile numbers in the US or Canada, the standard SkypeOut rates apply. Of course, Skype-to-Skype calls continue to be globally free, so no changes there.

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