Monday, May 22, 2006

Corps' Levee Work Is Faulted

Los Angeles Times A wide range of design and construction defects in levees around New Orleans raise serious doubts that the system can withstand the pounding of another hurricane the size of Katrina, even after $3.1 billion in repairs are completed, a team of independent investigators led by UC Berkeley's civil engineering school said Sunday.

Why is the Federal Government rebuilding levees to protect land that is 10 to 15 feet below sea level from flooding? If Louisiana wants to waste money on it, let them, but we should not be building anything there. Even if the levees hold perfectly, if a hurricane goes over New Orleans the rainfall alone will fill up that bowl.
The findings undermine assurances by the Bush administration and the Army Corps of Engineers that the federal levee repair program due to be completed in June will provide a higher level of protection to New Orleans, which sustained 1,293 deaths and more than $100 billion in property loss from Katrina.

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