Thursday, May 25, 2006

AP Unveils Deal to Tie Stories to Blogs

ABC News reports The Associated Press announced two agreements Tuesday one that will tie its news stories to the rapidly growing world of blogs and another that will help guide readers to newspaper Web sites. Under the first, Technorati Inc., the leading search engine for blog postings, will provide links to blogs that cite AP stories.

This sounds useful. I have used this service some WaPo articles.
.... Technorati will search blogs for postings that include links to AP stories. Links to those postings will be available along with the original AP stories on 440 member Web sites served by AP Hosted News, a service that uses AP servers to display AP content on member sites. There also will be a box featuring the "Top Five Most Blogged About" AP stories.

Clicking on the links takes the reader to a Technorati page listing the relevant blogs.... Bouryal said the AP hopes members will apply the Technorati service to their own stories, not just AP material. The Washington Post and Newsweek, both owned by Washington Post Co., already have similar arrangements with Technorati.
But WaPo makes the links directly available on its page

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