Thursday, April 06, 2006

Poll Finds Steele May Be Magnet for Black Voters

WaPo reports An internal document prepared by a top Democratic strategist warns that a majority of African American voters in Maryland are open to supporting Republican Senate candidate Michael S. Steele

Of course African American voters are likely to support an African American who makes good sense, and has shown he can get results.
and advises the party not to wait to "knock Steele down."
In other words if you can't come up with ideas as good as Steele's, knock him down some other way. Call him names. Lie about him. Use all possible Democratic techniques to knock him down.
The 37-page report says a sizable segment of likely black voters -- as much as 44 percent -- would readily abandon their historic Democratic allegiances "after hearing Steele's messaging."
The Democratic Party not be able to count on blacks voting for it automatically? Why the party might have to come up with some real ideas if the want to win elections.
"Governor Ehrlich and [Lt. Gov.] Michael Steele have a clear ability to break through the Democratic stronghold among African American voters in Maryland," says the March 27 report by Cornell Belcher, polling consultant for the Democratic National Committee, which bases its findings on a survey of 489 black voters in Maryland conducted last month.
Good luck guys

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