Saturday, April 08, 2006

Courageous Woman

Betsy Newmark blogged Brigitte Gabriel is a courageous woman who grew up in war-torn Lebanon having to crawl through sniper fields to get water for her family. Eventually, she fled the wars in Lebanon to become a news anchor on an Arabic news show in the Middle East. She has founded the American Congress for Truth in order to combat the spread of radical Islam. Recently she was invited to speak at the University of Memphis. The reception that she received there from Muslims is reminiscent of the type of reaction that an Ann Coulter would receive at Berkeley.

Based on what happened to me in Memphis, I think its time for Americans to wake up as to what is occurring within their very midst. It is time to be energized and empowered to stand up and fight to take back our universities. Its incidents like this that spurs speakers like me to defend our civilization and everything it stands for.
Have we really reached the point when radical Islamicists at a university in the United States can try to prevent someone from speaking with a message condemning jihad and the murder of innocents in the name of Allah? If so, we have truly reached a sorry state.
We need to encourage more Moderate Muslims like her to speak up. If they do not speak up, people are going to assume that all Muslims are like the Islamoterrorists, and if that happens it will be hard to stop people from insisting we wipe all of the off the face of the earth.


Al Kasprzyk said...

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