Saturday, December 03, 2005

The unheralded Islamist assault on free speech

Daveed Gartenstein-Ross wrote in Weekly Standard Last month, Islamic radicals threatened to kill actor and Muslim convert Omar Sharif. Sharif had recently played St. Peter in an Italian TV film and spoke highly of the role, saying that he "seemed to hear voices" during filming and that "it will be difficult for me to play other roles from now on." Although Sharif's comments seem innocuous, they prompted a death threat. According to the Adnkronos International news agency, a message on a web forum which has been used by al Qaeda in the past linked to another website that threatened Sharif's life. The website containing the threat said, "Omar Sharif has stated that he has embraced the crusader idolatry. He is a crusader who is offending Islam and Muslims and receiving applause from the Italian people. I give you this advice, brothers, you must kill him."

And it shows yet again what a threat Radical Islam is.
This incident is relatively minor in the grand scheme of the war against radical Islam, but telling. It provides another glimpse into the Islamists' single-minded fanaticism and their willingness to punish any type of ideological non-conformity. The threat against Sharif largely fell below the media's radar. Indeed, aside from a few high profile examples--such as the fatwa directed at Salman Rushdie after he published The Satanic Verses and last year's slaying of Dutch filmmaker Theo van Gogh--the mainstream media has given little coverage to the widespread Islamist assault against free speech.

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John Sobieski said...

Makes you wonder. I know alBBCeera, and al Reuters are fully islamisized with great results. You only need to read those dhimmit news to understand. But even in the US, it is really bad. What will it take to end the pretend? 50,000 killed in a US city? 100,000 killed? It only took a few thousand for me.