Sunday, November 27, 2005

Teheran 'secretly trains' Chechens to fight in Russia

Telegraph reports Iran is secretly training Chechen rebels in sophisticated terror techniques to enable them to carry out more effective attacks against Russian forces, the Sunday Telegraph can reveal.

Well Mr Putin, what do you have to say about that?
Teams of Chechen fighters are being trained at the Revolutionary Guards' Imam Ali training camp, located close to Tajrish Square in Teheran, according to Western intelligence reports. In addition to receiving training in the latest terror techniques, the Chechen volunteers undergo ideological and political instruction by hardline Iranian mullahs at Qom. The disclosure that Iran is training Chechen rebels will not go down well in Moscow, which regards itself as a close ally of the Iranian regime.
Maybe now they will understand we need to work together to block Islamoterrorism and the states like Iran that support it.
Russia has sided with Iran in the diplomatic stand-off over Teheran's controversial nuclear programme.

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