Sunday, November 27, 2005

Running Scared

Running Scared blogged Now we know where Bill O'Reilly Gets His "War on Christmas" Drivel. Why, from none other than his dark lord, the big cheese

He links to, but if he had looked at what he was linking to, it has a statement "Disclaimer - Not affiliated with Fox News Channel, in other words this is NOT a blog of the owner of Fox News. Apparently Running Scared was running too fast to see that. I wonder if I created a blog named or if he would be stupid enough to think it was written by Slick Willie or his naive wife, who did not know about Monica and the cigar.
at Faux News himself.... If Ailes and his right wing hypnochrist contingent are content to demand Post Office stamps with a clearly Christian symbol, imagine their reaction if the Post Office had only offered stamps with a menorah on them?
Since 80% of Americans say they are Christian, I would expect the Post Office to print some stamps with Christian symbols on them for Christmas, but if they want to print stamps with a menorah on them, that would be fine with me, and I might even buy some, to mail to my Jewish friends.
I believe they would be marching on Baltimore with pitchforks and torches before you could even finish your Thanksgiving leftovers.

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