Tuesday, November 08, 2005

Unrest in France

Mehrnews reports Iran’s Association of Muslim Journalists (AMJ) issued a statement on Sunday condemning the violation of Muslims’ civil rights in France and calling on the French government to cooperate with them in establishing a fact-finding commission in order to investigate the conditions of French Muslims.

That is the last thing the French need. Having the Iranians tell them how they are mistreating Black French Muslims
The AMJ said that the mistreatment of Black French Muslims over the past two weeks has deeply influenced Iranian public opinion.

“We suppose that the French government has carried out the recent discriminatory and anti-human rights acts under the influence of the Zionist lobby in France
As if there was a Zionist lobby in very anti-semetic France.
to limit the social and personal freedoms of the Muslims residing in the country,
Their social and personal freedoms are limited because they don't want to be French. They want to continue drawing all of the free social services France provides, but they are not interested in learning to speak French, and the French will not have anything to do with you unless you speak French perfectly. They don't even accept a bad accent.
which is quite unacceptable on the part of a country that claims to be democratic
Iran certainly should know about democracy. Not!!!
,” part of the statement read.

Right now, the problem in France does not seem to be Jihadist related (unlike the bombing attempt in Australia), but I would not be surprised of the Jihadists try to take advantage of the French situation.

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