Saturday, November 12, 2005

Hotel Bombings in Jordan Fuel Anger at Exiles

WaPo reports As new details emerged Friday about the bombings of three hotels that killed nearly 60 people, tension appeared to be mounting between Jordanians and the Iraqis who have streamed into this country by the thousands in recent years, Amman residents said. Their presence has both boosted Jordan's economy and inspired resentment, while complicating already thorny relations between the neighboring countries.

I am not surprised they are ticked off at people who would bomb three of their hotels, and particularly focus on a wedding party in one, but merely being mad at foreign nationals is not the answer (neither is blaming Israel, as some are doing. The need to focus on the Islamofascists that want to impose a Taliban style government over all the area, replacing the peaceful Jordanian government and other governments in the area. They need to identify the Islamoterrorists in their country, and let the government deal with them.

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