Wednesday, November 23, 2005

The Ultimate Guide to Google Services

TipMonkies posted an extremely complete list of Google Services, including some I was not aware of:

  • Google Analytics crawls your website and keeps track of your visitors through a small piece of Javascript. Great tool for webmasters trying to improve their stats and AdSense revenue.
  • Google Base looks like its going to be Google’s massive content library, with all sorts of content, uploadable by anyone. Oddly enough, it sounds like EPIC and Google Grid mentioned in this video. Many people are comparing this service to Craigslist.
  • Google Movie Showtimes lets you type in a zip code or address, and it will find movie theaters and showtimes near that area.
  • Google Ridefinder lets you easily find taxis in some of the major cities around the United States.
  • Google Scholar searches things such as theses, papers, and other research and technical information.
  • Google Send to Phone is a little Firefox extension which lets you send text messages to mobile phones via SMS.
  • Google Sitemap helps create particular searches for a web address which can be very useful for webmasters looking to index their own site, or see who is linking to it.
  • Google Video and Google Video Upload offer an archive of freely available video clips.

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