Friday, November 25, 2005

Europeans Rebuke Israeli Jerusalem Policy

NYT reports The European Union's diplomatic representatives in East Jerusalem and Ramallah have sharply criticized Israel's policies in East Jerusalem, saying they "are reducing the possibility of reaching a final-status agreement on Jerusalem that any Palestinian could accept."

The Palestinians were offerred East Jerusalem, and they responded with the Intifada and many Israelis were killed in bombing attacks. There must be some payment for that, and that payment is now they don't get any of Jerusalem in their Palestinian state.
In an unpublished report presented to European Union foreign ministers, the representatives recommend a more aggressive European stance toward Israeli policies in East Jerusalem, whose annexation by Israel has not been recognized by the European Union or the United States.
Maybe the United States should recognize it.
The report, a copy of which was sought by The New York Times and obtained from someone who wanted to publicize it, accuses Israel of increasing illegal settlement activity in and around East Jerusalem and of using the route of its separation barrier "to seal off most of East Jerusalem, with its 230,000 Palestinian residents, from the West Bank" and to create a "de facto annexation of Palestinian land."

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