Saturday, August 13, 2011

Rick Perry

CNN reported
As a resident of Texas for 36 years, I keep wondering why the rest of the nation pays any attention to our political and cultural absurdities and yet still chooses Texans as presidents. Our most revered historical moment, the Alamo, was arguably a mass suicide.
If you seriously think that, you either do not understand Texas history, or you are incapable of distinguishing between suicide and self sacrifice, because those brave men died to give Sam Houston time to raise the forces to defeat the Mexican army at San Jacinto. Have you seen the monument there (that counting the star on top is taller than the Washington monument?
The slaughter in San Antonio was followed by a massacre at Goliad, the fall of the Confederacy to Union forces, and later by the Houston Astros. Texas has a legacy of losing.
A battle at Goliad that was followed by Texas independence, a loss to Union forces that resulted in the abolishment of slavery, and a ball team that can't afford to pay for decent players. Two out of three ain't bad.
None of this apparently matters, though, because America is beginning the process of electing another Texan to be president. Gigantic tax breaks for the wealthy and corporations, a trumped up war and a ruined economy from the last Texan seem incapable of dissuading supporters of Rick Perry.
I may be guessing here, but it sort of sounds like you are a Democrat that can't think for himself, and just parrots talking points. The Bush Tax cuts helped the Middle Class more, making many pay no tax at all. The Dems liked them, but can't stand the fact that the people that pay most of the income taxes got any cut at all. The trumped up war was a response to an Islamic attack that killed 3000 on our own shores, and Obama did far more to hurt the economy than Bush ever did
His Saturday speech in South Carolina will make clear that he is entering the race for the White House
I don't know whether Rick Perry is my candidate or not. The next few months will determine that. Right now he looks good, but let us see how he does in the debates
and will spawn the ugliest and most expensive presidential race in U.S. history,
That will happen regardless of who the Republican Candidate is, as Obama tries desperately to hold onto a job he is not qualified for
and he will win. A C and D student, who hates to govern, loves to campaign, and barely has a sixth grader's understanding of economics, will lead our nation into oblivion.
I don't know how you got access to Obama's grades, I thought they were blocked, but I will agree with everything else you said about Obama. Oh, you were talking about Rick Perry? You seemed to describe Obama so well, you confused me.
The big brains gathered east of the Hudson and Potomac Rivers believe that Mitt Romney is the candidate to beat.
Actually the think he would be so liberal that he would leave much of what Obama has done to the country that they could live with him as President, because they know Obama is going to lose, and they hope to fool Republicans into nominating Romney or Huntsmen
But they are unable to hear what Rick Perry is saying. The Christian prayer rally in Houston was a very loud proclamation to fundamentalists and Teavangelicals, which said, "I am not a Mormon."
No it said "Ï am a Christian"
The far right and Christian fundamentalists have an inordinate amount of influence in the GOP primary process and, regardless of messages of inclusion, very few of them will vote for a Mormon.
It depends on who the Mormon was. I don't want a liberal like Romney or Huntsman, but I would much prefer Glenn Beck to Obama. And I don't care about color. I would certainly prefer Herman Cain, or Allen West, or a number of other blacks to Barack Obama.

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