Saturday, August 13, 2011

10:1 mix of spending cuts and tax hikes

Debate flashback: Which candidates would support a 10:1 mix of spending cuts and tax hikes? « Hot Air reported
Have we now reached the point where, for all intents and purposes, any amount of tax increases will render a deal intolerable no matter how many glorious spending cuts are packed into it? A 10-to-one ratio isn’t good enough, apparently; how about 20 to one? Fifty to one? What if the Democrats offered to pass Cut, Cap, and Balance in return for, say, $500 billion in new revenue from households that make $1 million or more? What if they asked for $1 trillion in new revenue and agreed to pass Paul Ryan’s budget in return?
No it is about current year spending cuts. They are offering spending cuts in the next 10 years, and one congress cannot bind a future congress. Reagan fell for that, as did GHWB. Offer 10 to 1 current year cuts and they would leap on it, if the cuts were not all in defense
This can’t simply be about not wanting to slow the economy by adding new tax burdens. Deep, short-term spending cuts also run that risk,
It depends on what is being cut.
yet one of the big knocks on the debt-ceiling deal from the right was that there weren’t enough of those in the final package.
No, they were not cutting things that needed to be cut.

I’m morbidly curious to see what happens if the Super Committee can’t make a deal on tax reform
Which I don't think they will do. We need tax reform, but it will be easier to get real reform in 2013.
and Republicans are suddenly staring down the barrel of the Bush tax cuts lapsing at the end of 2012. Obama will have no incentive to compromise by extending the cuts for the rich yet again during next year’s campaign. Polling shows the public is on his side there and he knows he can’t cave on yet another deal now that the left’s enraged over the debt-ceiling agreement.
Nothing good can come of a change made in the middle of election season. We just need to hope the country can survive until 2013
The GOP’s only chance to extend across-the-board cuts again is to win the election.
The country's only chance is for a Republican sweep in the 2012 elections.
If they don’t, tax hikes are coming, one way or another.
If Obama is re-elected, the only chance we have will come in sitting on a white horse, riding on a cloud. As the last three words in the New Testament (Revelation 22:20) say Come, Lord Jesus.

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