Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Workout tips for jihadists

Telegraph reported Complete with photographs of men in white robes with scarves covering their faces
Are they worried fat might see them and attach itself to their bodies
performing a variety of squats and sit-ups, it advises supporters to keep in shape so that they can "strike hard" against their enemies.
But don't listen to the music, or look at the semi-naked women, or use the weights.
There is also a warning against visiting "un-Islamic" western gyms including LA Fitness with their "music, semi-naked women, free mixing and the danger of showing off".
I bet that free ad for LA Fitness brings them a lot of business from jihadists wanting to see the semi-naked women.
And there is advice against using weights because of their unavailability on the front line in places such as Afghanistan.
So don't use them now???

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