Thursday, April 30, 2009

Money Versus Wealth

Doctor Zero blogged one of the fatal flaws in socialist economic policy [is] the confusion between money and wealth. Money is easy to create. Obama has already stolen a trillion dollars of it from the future.
Stolen from our children, grandchildren, and great grandchildren, just to give Obama power today.
All that was required was printing up a few more stacks of bills, and adding a few more zeroes to various federal balance sheets. Last night, like every other day of his presidency, Obama spoke about how much money he plans to “invest” in various government programs.
You invest in something that offers a Rate of Return. What is the RoI on Obama's investments, other than more power for him today.
Liberals in general, and the news media in particular, use the amount of money thrown at any given problem as the sole important method of measuring how much we “care” about it.
They show they "care" by spending other people's money. Conservatives show they care by donating more than liberals do to charity.
Wealth is a far more elusive, and important, part of the economy than money. Wealth is what people do with their money… and even more to the point, it’s what people could do with their money.

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