Sunday, March 01, 2009


A year ago we tried to get a tabloid newspaper called TulsaHighTech going, to support all user groups in the area, but we could not find enough people willing to help us distribute it. We have been persuaded to convert it to a Web-Only publication, and we did so in February.

The March issue of TulsaHighTech has been posted at, which will redirect you to the proper URL for your screen resolution. There is a PDF which you can download, or you can read individual articles on line.

The articles are listed by category: Beginner (8 articles), Education (6 articles), Community Service (3 articles), and Advanced (7 articles).

The purpose of Tulsa High Tech is to provide a clearing house for what is happening in the area of High Technology in the Tulsa Area, including education, seminars and workshops, blogging, exhibits, manufacturing, and anything else we can think of. In addition to providing access to class schedules, listings of various groups, and product reviews we intend to cover the human interest side of IT. We will feature profiles of instructors, community service projects, etc.

If you would like to have your user group included on a list of area User Groups, please send me the name of your group, web address, meeting time and location, and email addresses for officers.

If you would like to have news of your group included each month, send me what you did last month, and what you plan to do next month. I need to have this by the 15th of each month (absolutely no later than the 20th of each month.)

And if any of your members would like to write technical articles on some aspect of your subject, please send them to me.

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Anonymous said...


This soundS interesting, but, I am from the east coast and I don't know how this would go over. I have a lot of ideas and write editorials on the side. I love writing and enjoying blogging. My head of full of stuff that I think is interesting. I don't know if the average reader would be interested in my ramblings....ANON

Anonymous said...

Blogging is a great release of ideas and thoughts that run off others ideas and thoughts. Comments are fun and informaative. I totally enjoy it. Writing editorials, I found, can be exhausting, and sometimes biased. Most of my stuff has been published, some hasn't. That's because the paper I write to doesn't always agree with me. That's ok, because, I am now writing a story about my experience in the hospital last year. I also got some poetry published when I was very young....ANON