Thursday, March 05, 2009

Folder Marker

I discovered a very useful program. I got Version 2.1 free from Giveaway of the Day, but Folder Marker only costs Price: $19.95, and I feel it is well worth the price. Version 3 looks like it has some useful additional features (many publishers give away the old version of their product on GotD to introduce people to the new one), and I may well buy the new one.
I have a number of folders on my hard drive under "don", but I use three of them a lot more than the other ones: _Tulsa_High_Tech (which I have an underscore as the first character, to put it at the top), apcug, and cartoons. I used Folder Marker to color them, and they stand out from the rest.

Under _Tulsa_High_Tech the current and next month folders for TulsaHighTech are the most important.

Here you see another trick I used to use before discovering Folder Marker. The most important folder is 200904, since the March issue has already been published, and I am working on the April issue, and I have dummy (empty) folders 200903_____ and 200904_____, so 200904 stands out. Next month I will rename 200903_____ to 200905_____, so that 200905 will stand out between 200904_____ and 200905_____.
In APCUG the things I am currently working on the most are

_presentation (working on my presentation for the APCUG/FACUG Spring Conference March 13, 14 & 15), backend (processing the Asentus reports for that conference, and Live Meeting (I am presenting weekly Live Meeting Training sessions and working on processing the recordings of Live Meetings).

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