Sunday, February 15, 2009

Looking back at where we are headed

Looking back at where we are headed, from Reagan & Obama, in their own words

Anchoress posted this very well done montage via Texas Rainmaker:


Anonymous said...


Don, I didn't vote in the Presidential election, because, I was confused on who to vote for. I am glad that Obama got in, as I thought he would, with or without my vote. As I said before in another blog here, he inherited a real mess and no matter who got into the presidential chair, they would have their work cut out for them. There is no instant fix, no bandaid cure for this mess which tooK a long long time to happen. So far, Obama in my opinion is connecting with the public and keeping us informed, as he should. Everyone is nervous about their money, investments, and retirement. I myself made some stupid mistakes when I paniced over banks being taken over by other banks. I did lose some money, but I will recoup it. My position is not as dire as some people. My cousin lost his home, has no secure "job", and his wife is on the brink of health issues, and a possible separation between the two of them. The economy has completely wrecked their lives. They are living in a foreclosed home, waiting for the shoe to drop. It is quite scary. They also live in Florida where things are very bad, as bad as Arizona, where my other family members live. I am on the east coast, and although we have our problems, here, I think Florida and the southwest are really suffering terribly. My point in telling you all this is that Obama really has a lot of work to do. It is a constant and let's give him credit for trying to do the best he could with the stimulis package. What gets me furious is that the CEO mentality over the years has caused us so many of these problems, and of course, the Madoff madness. It is almost unbelievable what has happened in a few short years. The gas prices, the loss of jobs, the economy mess, the suicides that I'm hearing about lately - at least 4 of them and still counting. It reminds me of what my family told me about the Great Depression. My children complain about money, although they have secure jobs and are just "making ends meet". I have positioned myself in an ok place, so I don't worry about it too much, although my investments took a big hit this year, liKe everyone elses. Well Don, I guess I spilled my guts out to you. I'm glad my parents didn't live to see this day again, as they are long gone, deceased, and at peace. Sorry for such a long blog....ANON

Don Singleton said...

I will agree that no matter who got into the presidential chair, they would have their work cut out for them.

There may not be an instant fix or bandaid cure for what happened, but one could try to fix it, or make it worse. What Obama and the Democrats are doing is making it worse.

They are spending a HUGE AMOUNT OF MONEY, which will do little, if anything, for the economy.

They don't even think it will help the economy.

Their objective is to send as much money as they can to Democratic Special Interest groups, with the expectation that some of it will come back to the Democrats in terms of campaign donations, and it also allows them to reintroduce welfare, which we significantly reintroduced under the Clinton admnistration, and introduce things like government control of health care, government control of the auto companies, government control of the banks, and government control of just about everything. Because they believe that government can control our lives much better than we can, especially if they are in control of government.

They don't really give a thought to where the money they are spending will come from. They think they will get it all from "taxing the rich" once the recession is over, but that will either prolong the recession or start another one, and our children and grandchildren are going to have to pay off the debt Obama is generating to entrench the Dems in power.

Anonymous said...

Politics in itself is a joke. I think we need a third party. Since there are only the Dems. and Reps., the Independants, usually run along the wayside. I think I lost faith in the political system, because, it is THEY who gain and we, the middle class of America, who lose. We are the biggest basis of loss. We pay for the rich, and we pay for the poor. It is a sad state of affairs, because we all work so hard to keep what we have. We need a healthy balance, and I don't see one....ANON

Don Singleton said...

A third party sounds interesting, but there have been many attempts at forming a third party, but it is so hard to get on the ballot in enough states, that none of them have ever succeeded.

If you get a viable third party formed, let me know, and I will consider changing my affiliation.

I actually like what they have in Israel and many European Countries. Many parties, so that people that prefer a single issue, will have a party that will fight for them. And then to form a government parties must form coalitions, and if the one the coalition chooses as the top dog fails to keep his commitments to the smaller parties, they may drop out of the coalition, and call for a vote of No Confidence/

Anonymous said...


The European country that comes to mind is Italy. They have had so many "governments" running it. The world is a mess and needs to recover, but HOW? Some of Europe is doing well???, but they pay a price -a hefty price for health care and such. And, in some of the countries, the health care is awful, or the hospitals are few and far between. Canada has better health care...
What goes on in Europe is too convoluted for my taste.


In the Netherlands, anything use to go over, but now women are losing their rights. We shall see how all this plays out in the future.

Women pay a price for their freedom. And again, we all know that it's STILL A MAN'S WORLD!....ANON