Saturday, February 21, 2009

Don't trust terrorists to guard explosives

Yourish notes when you put terrorists in charge of guarding seven tons of unexploded ordnance, gee, they don’t do such a great job of guarding it.

Ynetnews reported With the conclusion of Operation Cast Lead, Hamas and UN personnel amassed weapons and explosives – mainly unexploded tank shells – and moved them to a special warehouse guarded by Hamas security troops.
I bet the UN also uses foxes to guard the chickens.
UN representatives examined the weaponry, and a delegation of UN-employed experts was due to arrive in Gaza in order to carry out a controlled detonation of the explosives. Over the course of the past two days, however, it was discovered that the weaponry had gone missing.
The Hamas security officials charged with guarding the storage facility had also vanished.
Maybe they could not figure out how to lie about what happened to the stuff they were "guarding". Did the UN get the names of the guards?
Hamas' motive to appropriate the ordnance is unclear,
Really? Don't you think maybe they wanted to use them to blow up the Jooooz.
although most estimate that the group believes the unexploded shells can be reused.
And if some are killed trying to reuse the explosives, they will blame Israel.
Hamas has yet to officially comment on the allegations, though sources within the organization said it was highly likely that members of the military wing sought to reuse the weaponry.

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Anonymous said...

You are right Don, DON'T GET TERRORISTS TO GUARD EXPLOSIVES. You said it all....ANON