Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Life or death. She does not know which to pick.

Lebanese girl wants to direct movies, or commit mass murder. It does not matter which. Los Angeles Times reported Hiba Qassir dreams of making movies. She's ambitious and precocious enough. At 18, she's taught herself how to edit video and sound on a computer, and has her sights set on directing gripping social and psychological dramas.
A reasonable choice.
But if the movie business doesn't work out, that's OK. She has other dreams: perhaps to become a cop or a pilot.
Those are OK too.
Or maybe a suicide bomber.
Not a very bright choice.
"Martyrdom is the shortest way to heaven,
Or at least what Satan thinks is heaven, although we call it Hell.
and the history of martyrdom is not like any history,"
No it ends in pieces going everywhere.
Hiba says. "It made victory. We wouldn't have achieved victory without these martyrdoms."
You think you have achieved victory? Try living in peace with your neighbors, and helping each other, rather than trying to kill each other.


Anonymous said...

Hi Don - haven't posted much for awhile, but I will say this, I think the 911 bombers are burning in hell not in heaven with all their virgins. The logic that comes from all the people murdered on that awful day, is mind boggling. The Jews believe that this life we live is hell on earth. I tend to think we live in a sort of Purgatory. I don't think murderers will go to any kind of heaven, nor will they be allowed any kind of carnal activity in the afterlife....ANON

Anonymous said...

I wouldn't want to see a movie made by a potential killer. Yes, be nice to your neighbors. I unfortunately, do not know many of mine.....ANON