Tuesday, January 13, 2009

European totally does not understand Gaza

WSJ.com reported If we seriously want to avoid another generation of war in Gaza, we must have the courage to tell the Gazans that they will have to start looking after their children themselves, without UNRWA's help.
I agree with that completely. And if they want some country to support them, let it be a Muslim country.
This would force Palestinians to focus on building an economy instead of freeing them up to wage war. Of course, every baby lured into the world by our money up to now would still have our assistance.
Babies are not lured into the world by our money. The Muslim countries have such a high birth rate because women have no rights, they are the property of their husbands, and he wants many children to use as suicide bombers or to arm and send to kill Jews and other infidels.
If we make this urgently needed reform, then by at least 2025 many boys in Gaza -- like in Algeria -- would enter puberty as only sons. They would be able to look forward to a more secure future in a less violent society.
Boy are you confused.
If the West prefers calm around Gaza even before 2025, it may consider offering immigration to those young Palestinians only born because of the West's well-meant but cruelly misguided aid.
That would be foolish. The west already has enough of them. Let them go to one of the many Islamic countries where they can live in the culture they are used to.
In the decades to come, North America and Europe will have to take in tens of millions of immigrants anyway to slow the aging of their populations.
Just encourage more children to be born from people already used to a western culture, than importing children from another culture who will just want to change your culture to what they are familiar with.
If, say, 200,000 of them are taken from the 360,000 boys coming of age in Gaza in the next 15 years, that would be a negligible move for the big democracies but a quantum leap for peace in the Near East.
And a quantum leap toward the Islamization of Europe.
Many of Gaza's young -- like in much of the Muslim world -- dream of leaving anyway. Who would not want to get out of that strip of land but the international NGOs and social workers whose careers depend on perpetuating Gaza's misery?


Anonymous said...

The Gaza strip has been a problem for over 5000 years. What makes the difference now. We have bombs and they fight with bombing themselves, along with others. Israel must be getting tired of all this and the Gaza strip will be a barren wasteland for all time with people scurring around waiting to get shot or whatever. The land will always be a useless mess, because, of all the fighting and loss of life. What a darn shame....can't these people get along EVER???...ANON

Anonymous said...

Let me tell you something. I have traveled somewhat and Americans are not wanted anywhere out of their own realm. They hate us in Europe, they hate us in the middle east. Only people who don't read or write or hear, would probably be nice to us. WHY IN GOD'S NAME ARE WE A WORLD POWER??? I would settle for Canada, as it is a neutral country, as is Switzerland. At least their young people are not dying in droves fighting useless, endless wars, that never end and go on and on and on and on.....ANON