Friday, September 05, 2008

Snowbama vs. Snowmama

Jim Treacher blogged It occurs to me: If Obama's experience in this presidential campaign is itself to be considered one of his qualifications for the Oval Office, what are we to make of his performance over the last few days? Is this an indication of how he deals with adversity? Because -- and this may be unfair -- it seems to me that over the next 4 years, the President of the United States will face much tougher challenges than watching a cute lady with glasses on TV.
And he did not even sit down and talk with her. He is as afraid of her as most Dems are of Fox.
It seems like instead of picking a strategy and seeing if it works, they're trying everything they can possibly think of, all at once. Which is one way of doing it, I suppose.
If you don't have a plan, other than Hope and Change, and if your opponent points out they both have experience with Change, and that is giving Hope to your opponent's base, yu need to do something.
And that's putting aside the apparent epidemic of insanity in newsrooms all over the world.

Did you guys see Hancock? Remember when Will Smith just stood there while the train hit him, and it derailed all over the place? Sarah Palin's kind of like that, except happier.


Anonymous said...

McCain's plan FOR HEALTH CARE could mean higher taxes for everyone. Is that fair?....ANON

Anonymous said...

I don't think people know what to make of Palin. They are treading slowly. She is bright, but can she pull it off for McCain....ANON

Anonymous said...

Obama should have picked Hillary. I can't say this too many times....ANON

Hillary is brilliant and has a following. I think it would have been a win/win situation.