Friday, June 06, 2008

Did not really mean it

Jerusalem Post reported Presumptive Democratic presidential nominee Barack Obama did not rule out Palestinian sovereignty over parts of Jerusalem when he called for Israel's capital to remain "undivided," his campaign told The Jerusalem Post Thursday.
You can't believe anything he says.
"Jerusalem will remain the capital of Israel, and it must remain undivided," Obama declared Wednesday, to rousing applause from the 7,000-plus attendees at the American Israel Public Affairs Committee policy conference.
His statement is right. How can two countries share a city as their capitol, especially since Jerusalem is never mentioned in the Koran. You can't say it has been a Palestinian capitol because there has never been a nation called Palestine. It was just a city conquered by Muslims long after the Koran was written, and they don't like to see any captured land leave Muslim control. Poor babies.
But a campaign adviser clarified Thursday that Obama believes "Jerusalem is a final status issue,
He must have been upset hen Hamas withdrew its endorsement, and fears losing the muslim oil money that has been flowing in, in many many small donations over the internet to his campaign.
which means it has to be negotiated between the two parties" as part of "an agreement that they both can live with."

Curt blogged No experience in foreign policy, diplomacy, and very little experience as a legislator…, you Democrats can pick em’ huh? He does give a damn spiffy speech tho. In a empty suit.

Gateway Pundit blogged This is unbelievable! Obama is already siding with the Palestinians over Israel. Maybe he was reading those church bulletins after all.

Soren Dayton blogged So let's make this very clear. Under pressure from Palestinians and terrorists, Obama caves on perhaps Israel's most fundamental issue. Not a good sign for those meetings with Ahmadinejad.

Ed Morrissey blogged Yes, obviously. Unfortunately, in learning a lesson on foreign policy, Obama managed to anger both parties and forced them into making public demands that only make diplomacy more difficult later. This is what happens when candidates with no experience in diplomacy and foreign policy think themselves experts in both.

Tei-Chi blogged So, where does Obama stand, really? Now, we see why truly, he is not a worthy candidate to be president.

Laura blogged He’s moving backward so fast that the rotation of the earth will be affected soon, and he’ll reverse time, just like Superman.

ShrinkWrapped blogged Barack Obama has an ideology that sees the government as the solution to myriad problems for which it is unsuited and he appears to lack the humility that comes from the understanding that he doesn't know as much as he thinks he knows.


Anonymous said...

Obama needs Hillary, otherwise, they won't have a dynamic duo running for office. She would have to become No.2 and take second spot. (Could Bill be "second man"???) Obama needs some good people to advise him, because, I really don't think he would be a "shoe-in" without her. McCain's wife is too rich for my blood. Would a Republican get in again> I highly doubt it.

Anonymous said...

Ok look around you - are any of these people running for office for the common man? Power and money go hand in hand....People are tired of the Bushes and for good reason. Too many of them have been president already...and the gas prices - big business and the multi rich are at it again.

Ex President Clinton has plenty to do anyway....let him play around with his library - somehow he will be in trouble again - it will be a truth or dare case scenerio - hey maybe Hillary should take a good look at her marriage and concentrate on that - after all our Bill does have a roving eye - he has charisa and charms the ladies - come on Hillary - if you don't make it No. 2 with Obama, try to take a tip from Jeannine Pirro(exception here is that Al Pirro ruined her career) -HILLARY - either give your marriage your ALL, or walk away - you can make it with your maiden name. It is not a hanging chad. You could always get a guest spot on a talk show and I'm not being flip here.YOU ARE A SMART WOMAN!!!!! You have what it takes to be successful in any venue

Anonymous said...

Sorry guys - again, I'm not sticking with the topic at hand. I don't like getting too serious - it doesn't get me anywhere anyway. ANON...

Anonymous said...

I heard in passing that Caroline K. was being considered for Obama's running mate. Now wouldn't that be cute. Geez, we know she was smarter than the late great JFK JR, however, that would never hold water - too bad old Teddy is ill, because, with all his power, he could have probably mustered up a nod for his niece. Political families are the downfall of this country - just look at the Bushes....ANON A N D...
A wondering if those old chads are somewhere in the Everglades - seems like the ex Gov. of Florida must be hiding out these days OH where or where can he be.