Monday, May 26, 2008

G.I. Bill editorialized President Bush opposes a new G.I. Bill of Rights.
No he just wants different terms for it.
He worries that if the traditional path to college for service members since World War II is improved and expanded for the post-9/11 generation, too many people will take it.
No he just does not want to encourage soldiers to leave after three years, and then have to train new ones. He wants educational benefits to vest some after each reenlistment, so that they can go to college after six years, and soldiers that make a career of the military can have it used for their children
He is wrong, but at least he is consistent. Having saddled the military with a botched, unwinnable war,
It is winnable, even with the Dems in charge of Congress, and we are winning it.
having squandered soldiers’ lives and failed them in so many ways, the commander in chief now resists giving the troops a chance at better futures out of uniform. He does this on the ground that the bill is too generous and may discourage re-enlistment, further weakening the military he has done so much to break.
Despite the efforts of the Dems who have tried even harder to destroy it. It is amazine how Dems love our freedoms, but hate what it takes to assure them.

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