Monday, May 26, 2008

Buyer's Remorse

Democrat Taylor Marsh blogged Ever since the media declared that Barack Obama was “inevitable” after February 19th, based on a two week period when the an unprepared Hillary Clinton campaign suffered “10 straight losses”, rank and file Democratic voters have been sending a message.
They discovered what an empty suit Obama was, and the more they saw him, the less they liked him.
Rather than rally ‘round the “inevitable nominee” that message has been a consistent, loud, and clear message to the Democratic Party – DO NOT WANT.
And considering that means they would be stick with Hillary, and that they now see what conservatives knew in the 90s, that is saying something.
In nearly every demographic category since February 19, Clinton percentage of the vote has risen, while Obama’s has fallen. This includes Obama’s supposed “strong” demographic categories such as voters with college degrees post-graduate degrees and voters whose income is above the national median. And Clinton beat Obama in the primaries in March, April and May in most of the major categories.

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