Saturday, April 05, 2008

YouGov poll

Gulf Times reported A YouGov poll commissioned by the Doha Debates has concluded that nearly one-third of all Arabs believe that Saudi Arabia is at greater risk from religious extremism than any other country in the world.
That is because everyone there is a Muslim, and most are Wahhabi Muslims.
The poll adds weight to the vote at a session of the Doha Debates held on March 3 in Doha, where the motion “This house believes that Muslims are failing to combat extremism”, was carried by more than 70% of the audience.
The other 30% were extremists feeling they should have more freedom to expand extremism.
In the YouGov survey, nearly half of all Arabs in the Gulf, Levant and North Africa said they have met someone who holds extreme religious views.
And what did they do to change their minds?
Asked under what conditions violence is permissible, more than 60% cited Western interference in a Muslim country,
And the other 40% favor Muslim interference in a Western Country.
while 55% said offensive words or behavior was a trigger.
They never heard "sticks and stones can break your bones, words can never hurt you."
More than half the respondents also believed that poor religious leadership is to blame for today’s extremism – although seven out of 10 said the size of the problem had been exaggerated.
Eight out of 10 believed it provides an excuse for the West to interfere in Muslim countries.
Then if you don't like the interference, stop the extremism, and remove the excuse.
In the poll, conducted between March 18 and 23, views of 940 people across the Arab world were surveyed.

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