Sunday, March 30, 2008

Dutch fear of riots drops, fear of Islam increases

Islam in Europe reported TV show EenVandaag ran a survey of opinions about Wilders' film and Islam. 44% agree with Wilders that "Islam is out to destroy Western civilization."
The other 56% were seen smoking funny cigarettes.
88% of Wilders' supporters think so.
What are the other 12% smoking
At the beginning of March 52% of the Dutch feared riots in the Netherlands and 62% expected attacks on Dutch embassies and companies abroad. Now just 20% expect riots at home and 30% expect riots abroad.
But are they going to limit further immigration, and are they going make sure that the ones there adapt to Dutch customs.
90% thought the film exceeded their expectations. 82% says that 'a lot of fuss was made about nothing'. 70% think the film is not insulting to Muslims.
It is not. It is only insulting to those that think violence is the answer to everything.
About three quarters of those surveyed who had seen Fitna said their image of Islam did not change. 23% think of it more negatively. Three quarters of Wilders' followed had seen the movie in its entirety and the rest want to see it. 93% of supporters thought the film was good to very good. The study was conducted among 10,000 member of the EenVandaag opinion panel.

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