Friday, April 18, 2008

No more debates reported Sen. Barack Obama suggested Thursday that he doesn't see any point in having another debate with Democratic rival Sen. Hillary Clinton.
He got his clock cleaned so bad at the last one that he is now afraid of debates.
Clinton has agreed to a debate next week, but Obama has not accepted the invitation. At an appearance in Raleigh, North Carolina, Obama said he has a lot of campaigning to do in a limited amount of time.
Now tat the press has decided to start looking into what he stands for, maybe they can just do stories about him, and he can try to answer those stories in his campaign stops.
Obama said he had agreed to an earlier debate, but Clinton declined that one. "I'll be honest with you, we've now had 21," he said. "It's not as if we don't know how to do these things. I could deliver Sen. Clinton's lines; she could, I'm sure, deliver mine."
I would like to see that debate. He can explain sniper fire in Bosnia, and she can explain Rev Wright and why bitter people turn to guns and religion.
Obama said he has to look at his schedule, considering the upcoming primaries.

Betsy Newmark blogged This debate provided plenty of fodder for future questions. Both Obama and Clinton, as well as McCain should be pressed to explicitly explain where they'll get the money for the new programs they are saying they will enact if elected. And they shouldn't be allowed to get away with saying they won't raise taxes on those they clearly intend to raise taxes on.

Allahpundit blogged I don’t get it. After America was so cruelly deprived by ABC of a chance to hear the thousandth iteration of whether his health-care plan is truly “universal,” now he’s going to deprive us of another? What could explain this sudden reluctance to shine the light of Substance upon a grateful people?

Greg blogged it must be a real shock to have journalists start asking you tough questions, not the sort of softballs you've fielded up until now. Just wait until John McCain starts to hammer you on substance later on this year. You'll wilt like a week-old lettuce leaf in Death Valley, dude. Maybe you can get William Ayers to blow something up for you -- just to distract from how weak and unqualified a candidate you really are.

StopTheACLU blogged After facing tough questions at last night’s debate, squirming uncomfortably and stuttering spin to answer them….Barack Obama wants to take his ball and go home when it comes to debates.

Taylor Marsh blogged Yeah, that's it. I thought there wasn't enough substance last night? I think Barack is confused. Just leave Barack alone! Frankly, I'm sick of them. But let's be clear why Obama doesn't want any more debates. He simply can't afford them.

Lee Ward blogged Obama is already whining, and the DailyKos/ folks are really piling it on as well. They're setting the stage for Barack to duck out of future debates thereby avoiding tough questions on national television with Clinton by his side to press harder.

Gateway Pundit blogged This rookie does not like getting his widdle feelings hurt!... How dare he be asked about his racist America-hating pastor on national TV? How dare he be asked about his associations with unrepentant terrorists? How dare he be asked about his bitter attitude against "Midwest" Bible-thumpers!

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