Friday, April 18, 2008

The bird

ObamaMessiah flashes Hillary "the bird"

Do you think it was unintentional? Look at the grin on his face.

Hat tip to Ed Morrissey

Joe Gandelman blogged Did he try to signal it to the crowd? Wasn’t that a knowing look? And, it stands to follow, since he did this (an assumption some are already making — so each viewer is urged to watch the video) doesn’t it therefore mean he lacks class and should immediately apologize? And — not said yet — shouldn’t this disqualify him from the Presidency if he refuses to admit it? And, if he won’t come clean and admit it, shouldn’t he resign his Senate seat?

Macranger blogged Could he have been just scratching his face? Perhaps, kind of like when you disguise a “Bullshit” with a sneeze.

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